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A Milestone

Do you remember milestones in your life?  Of course you do!  Important crossroads are with us all our lives.  It´s important for us to make your milestones positive, so that even just thinking about them puts a smile on your face.  What are your milestones?  Birthday?  Wedding?  Special accomplishment?  Starting a business?  Openings?  First orders?

We focus on your special event with sincere interest and drive.


Preparation, management of event and everything in between – we can inspire and guide your planning and preparation. 

The Annual Celebration

Everyone has an opinion on how to celebrate their company´s anniversary because it´s one of the most important events for every company.  So it really matters to carefully deal with every step.

We have extensive experience in planning annual celebrations of every shape and size.







It´s our goal to provide you with that “extra-spice“ that makes all the difference at your event and afterwards…


Do you plan an evening event? A barbeque? Breakfast? Hosting customers? Do you want to “shake up” tradition? Do something different? Something fresh? Make a breakthrough?

We have considerable experience with events of all kinds and we will happily share it with you and find the best formula – let´s share!





Developing concepts? – We are ready!

Team day

What´s the aim of the day?  We can suggest unusual or conventional formats for your "Teamwork Day," depending on your needs.  We can tailor the event around your ambitions and budget, to meet your desired goals. 

We can also include innovative entertainment and imaginative and appealing food and drink.





Is the Event big or small ? - we´re ready to assist.

Team Building

Why create teamwork? Many different needs can be behind that and it´s very important to think it through. Here the possibilities are endless; entertainment is a priority and proactive challenges are needed for the occasion.

We have travelled many roads to make events successful and nothing is more fun than creating teamwork with a demanding group. We will find a common way towards our goal. 






Professionalism, ambition, originality and personal service.

Meetings and conferences

Are you hoasting a conference or a meeting?  We have great experience in organising conferences and meetings of all kinds and can provide you with all aspects of services needed, either the whole package or any part selected by you i.e.; consulting on the venue, the program, recommending speakers, technical advice etc. PROevents adjusts to your needs.







Our ambtion is your event - your success!