We have years of various transformational coaching for managers, employees and teams. We lead strategic planning, and design and plan staff days and team-building events. We approach our projects using coaching methods.

PRO Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a highly effective means of increasing job performance, achieving goals, and enhancing growth—both professionally and personally. It’s designed for executives who wish to build upon and enhance the skills that will transform them from managers into leaders.
Coaching is an organized and systematic conversation based on a confidential relationship between the coachee and the coach.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching is coaching for a group of people who form one team. Teams are of various types and can be long or short term. Example: A unit in a company that is to complete a specific project, e.g. implementation of a new system, opening of a new business unit, etc. Here, the emphasis is on each team member being an important link in the chain, each of which needs to promote different skills. Emphasis is placed on strengthening everyone within the team so that it is possible to maximize the quality of work and results.

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Ragnheiður Aradóttir

Ragnheiður is a specialist in empowering groups and utilizing positive psychology. She is a Teamcoach and has for the past decades managed courses, trained management teams and coached over 10.000 people on national and international level. She is a PCC certified Executive Coach from ICF and has thousands of hours of coaching. She holds a Dip. Master in Positive Psychology along with an MSc in Human Resource Management. Ragnheiður has received numerous awards as a coach internationally.

ragga@procoaching.is – +354-8571700

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