At PRO, every staff member has extensive experience organizing all kinds of events such as: galas, business- and theme parties, conferences, team building and incentives. We are also really proud of our Executive coaching (ICF) service. We work with you on creating incomparable experience for your customers and for the most valuable resource of every Company – The Human resource.

PRO for you

Galas & Parties

Galas and parties are a great way to reward and celebrate with your employees. We place emphasis on need-based analysis and consultation in order to tailor the event exactly to fit your needs. Our dedicated team will work with you throughout the process to create a stunning event true to your wishes.

Team building

A well organized team building can improve the culture and morale within a company and is a great way for employees to get to know each other better and feel close with their co-workers. We always tailor your event around your ambitions and budget to meet your desired goals.


Incentive tours can really boost motivation, performance, devotion, and staff morale. Our event designers and creative thinkers have one goal in mind; to provide your team with an unforgettable experience.

Conferences and meetings

Conferences and meetings are increasingly used as marketing events for companies and are a great place to network with others in your field. Our goal is to make your conference or meeting a success by bringing fresh ideas to the table and a flawless execution.

Marketing events

Marketing events are a powerful way to reach out and engage with customers and investors. It is a great opportunity to showcase products or services by creating a unique event. We love to think outside the box and produce an effective experience for your audience.

Maximize the experience